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"Creative On Purpose is an endeavor worth paying attention to."

Chip Conley
Founder of The Modern Elder Academy

"I'm grateful for Scott's dedication to helping people fly higher in their life and business endeavors. His sense of purpose and passion is evident in everything he produces."

Cindy Henson
Author of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom

"Scott lives the brand Creative On Purpose."

Michael Bungay Stanier
Author of The Coaching Habit

"Creative on Purpose delivers the promise of better living through endeavors that make a difference. Scott’s coaching and community lead to break-through experiences."

Randi Millard
Cofounder of Business Model Youth

"Scott shows up for the real - and challenging - work of being creative on purpose. His mission and his work are sorely needed in our times."

Jeffrey Davis
Tracking Wonder

It’s Time to Find the Work You're Meant to Do Now

Retired or close to it and still have plenty to contribute? Mid-career and looking to develop a passion project, or side-hustle? Entering the world of work and want to make an impact? Let’s go!

Let’s step into possibility and make things better through endeavors that make a difference.

This training addresses your questions and provides tools to help you identify an endeavor that leverage your values and talents and serves people you care about.

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Who is Scott Perry?

I'm a husband, father, teacher, and founder of Creative on Purpose. I coach in Seth Godin's online programs. I'm also the author of The Creative on Purpose Handbook and Endeavor.

What I Believe

Excellence is cultivated through work that enhances the lives of others. I help others step into possibility with curiosity, courage, and a commitment to make things better. 

Ready to make a difference? Creative on Purpose is a catalyst for tapping into your promise and developing your potential through work that's worth it.

Questions? Drop me an email.

Process, Tools, and Community for Difference Makers

Step into What's Next with Integrity and Intention

What's an endeavor?

An Endeavor is work at the intersection of who you are, what you're good at, and where you belong. Work you're meant to do now!

Why be creative on purpose?

It's time to make things better together. Break the status quo through innovation that enhances the lives of others.

Start with who!

Great ideas, vision, and community can fulfill their promise only when you’re surrounded by great people. Ready? Let's go!

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Discover, develop, and deliver better endeavors.

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The Creative on Purpose Broadcast

This show accepts where you’re at and helps you get where you want to go. Are you ready to make a difference? This show helps you step into your “what’s next” with integrity and intention. It’s time to be creative on purpose.

This season is called “Endeavor - Developing and Delivering Work That Matters.” Our guests this season are leaders engaged in work aligned with who they are, what they’re good at, and where they belong.

Watch the latest replay by clicking the vid.

To access over 100 replays click here.


"Scott shares information that refreshes, inspires, revitalizes, and enhances awareness about the choices we make for creating happier and healthier lives."

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis
REBT Practitioner & Advocate

"In a world of short attention spans and lean back entertainment, Creative On Purpose is refreshing and makes you want to 'lean in' to these fascinating conversations."

James Taylor
FRSA MBA, Keynote Speaker on Creativity

"You embody generosity, truth-telling, commitment, and courage. Thank you for being the kind of leader we all need you to be."

Amy Faeskorn
Coach, Writer, & Facilitator

Endeavor Better Coaching

Let's Fly Higher Together

You're ready to level up in an enterprise that aligns with who you are, leverages what you're good at, and serves those who share your values and need your talents to enhance their lives. 

What holds you back? Clarity of purpose? Or maybe it's lack of accountability? Perhaps you need encouragement and direction? Great news, it's all right here in the Endeavor Better Coaching Program.

Let's get started getting you you where you want to go!

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"Scott Perry is a wealth of wisdom. One conversation with him can uplift, empower, and transform your career."

Maya P. Lim
Associate Editor, Design Observer

"Scott helped me start my business and get my first corporate client. When I have questions, Scott always comes back with insight that keeps me moving forward."

Michael Cohen
Worksite Wellness Acupuncture

"Scott’s gift is an ability to help you identify the smallest thing that you can do and then encourage you to act at the earliest possible juncture."

Nancy Harden

"I was stuck trying to figure out some next steps in my career. Through working with Scott and the tools in Endeavor, I broke through the fog and found my path."

Dr. Jason Luchtfeld

"Scott is a generous and wise teacher who offers simple and actionable direction when it comes to accomplishing your dreams."

Elizabeth Diehl Boardman
Founder, MILSPO Project

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