personal development Oct 28, 2019

What does it mean to be exceptional?

It starts when you decide to stop accepting the way things are and not simply keep doing what's expected. That's the short, clear circular path of the status quo.

And there's nothing wrong with that path. Things are generally fine just as they are. So are you, for that matter. The path of the expected offers plenty of comfort and happiness.

But at some point, some of us see the potential not achieved and the promise undelivered and we decide that we simply can not abide. We discover that we are no longer able to settle.

So it begins, The Striving. The relentless pursuit of "better."

And that journey is neither short nor clear. It's rugged, unmarked, and endless.

And it can't be travelled alone. You can't be selfish and exceptional. You must be selfless. You have to be of service. That's why the path of exceptional delivers resilience and joy.

So, there you are. You have choices. Time to choose.

Which path are you on today?

Let's keep flying higher!


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