The Power of Affiliation

personal development Feb 18, 2019

Affiliation strikes fear into the hearts of those invested in the status quo.

The status quo favors the exclusive club at the top. They stay there through control and domination. For those winning the status quo game, confidence, certainty, and even arrogance and sociopathy are rewarded. Curiosity, courage, and creativity are discouraged. Those that don't take a hint are punished. The status quo amplifies our differences and fears to keep us humble, hiding, and alone.

How do those that recognize the selfishness and self-indulgence of the status quo make things better? How do we break the status quo and build something better? Something that cultivates compassion shares the abundance available?


When the humanitarian, generous, and active gather, the door to possibility is cracked open. When the affiliated leverage the very impulses the status quo fears, curiosity, courage, and creativity, there's an opportunity to break the status quo and build something better. Something that serves more and shuns fewer.

Complaining about how things are won't change a thing. Community and a cause can. Are you looking for "the others?" "People like us who do things like this?" We're here and we're waiting for you to join, and even lead us to a better "what's next."

Affiliation and action lead to trust and forward motion. Let's gather and let's go!

Keep flying higher!


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