The Problem with Consideration

personal development Aug 11, 2019

The problem with contribution is that too often we conflate it with credit or complaint.

When things turn out well, we forget we merely contributed to an achievement and take all the credit for it. When things don't turn out well, we deny our contribution and complain that it was all someone or something else's fault.

That argument you just had, that dinner you just burned, that position or program that turned down or ignored your application, you played a role in what happened.

Own it. Learn from it. And move on.

Successes and failures don't define you. A "win" doesn't make you a conquering hero. A "loss" doesn't mean you're a good-for-nothing. 

Defeat and accomplishment are simply proof that you're an attentive and active agent stepping into your destiny.  Step with intention and integrity. The effort is its own reward.

Consideration "done right" involves paying attention to what's happening, acknowledging other perspectives, examining ourselves, and responding in a manner that promotes the growth and wellbeing of everyone involved.

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