What's now? What's next?

personal development Jul 29, 2019

When I find myself succumbing to inertia in my endeavors, I usually don't need to look beyond the mirror to see what's bogging me down.

Spinning cycles on regrets about the past or anxieties about the future are common challenges many of us experience.

What to do...?

I keep these questions close at hand for these moments - "What's now? What's next?"

What's now?

What's really going on here? How should I frame this moment I find myself in? How can I do so in a way that's honest about the obstacles but also sees the opportunities? Within every problem lies possibility.

What's next?

What are my next truly best steps? How might I leverage what's happening to my advantage? Do I have the will and character to step into my fate? Yes.

And then...

I step into the next moment with intention instead of stopping in despair. As I "rinse and repeat" this process, I find fellow travelers "magically" appear. I also find my goal becomes more explicit, and my strategy more defined.

Paying attention and moving on helps me feel less afflicted and staves off angst. This posture of contemplation and continuation encourages a greater sense of passion and purpose. It helps me keep stepping into possibility.

What about you? As you push toward "better" in your endeavor, what's your modus operandi for dealing with the inevitable "slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune?"

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