personal development Jun 28, 2019

When is the "right" time to step into possibility, develop excellence, and start making a difference in an endeavor you're building?

Most often we decide it's "later." We convince ourselves that we need to learn more, think about it, get our ducks in a row, or wait for the "right" moment.

The thing is, we already possess everything we need to get started. You are sufficient even as you strive.

It's in the starting that we get to test and tweak and iterate and improve. Doing our work "out loud" and "in person" not only helps us refine what we do, it helps us "find the others." You enhance your life most through work done with and for others.

So, what does it take to start? Choose to start and then do it.

It helps to have fellow travelers on this journey, a destination in mind, and a plan for getting there, but nothing happens until you decide you're ready to go and you take that first step.

Turns out, at least in my experience, that the others show up and the destination and plan get clearer when we are already committed to and on the journey.

What endeavor are you dreaming of or already doing? When will you start or start leveling up? Why not start now and see what happens next?

Keep flying higher!


BTW, we have room for one more fellow traveler in the Endeavor Better Together Group Coaching July Cohort (next one doesn't gather until October).

Thanks for lending my work your valuable time and attention!

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