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What holds you back? Overwhelm? Lack of clarity? Inadequate accountability? Perhaps you just need encouragement and direction?

The Creative on Purpose Community helps turn overwhelm into opportunity and provides tools and resources for cultivating clarity of purpose and accountability. Let's fly higher together!

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As a husband, father, teacher, and author, I make plenty of mistakes and experience my fair share of misfortune. What helps me persevere and prosper isn't relying on passion or luck, it's leaning in with purpose and the right people.

Identifying my values, talents, and tribe, helps me find my way and stay the course. As a coach in Seth Godin's programs and my own, I help others experience less stress and more thriving in work that matters. I want to help you do the same.

Benefits of Community Membership

Let's Fly Higher Together in Endeavors that Make a Difference

Find the Others

Leverage access to the Creative on Purpose Mastermind and join live online breakout sessions, trainings, and book discussions or watch in replay.

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Members receive access to the Weekly Goal Accountability Accelerator and receive early access and deep discounts on exclusive coaching packages.

Level Up

Take advantage of the complete Creative on Purpose Program including online courses, ebooks, infographics, workshops, and workbooks.

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Access the entire Creative on Purpose Broadcast archive. Receive insights and inspiration you can apply to your endeavor.

"The Creative on Purpose Community helps to make the 'AHAs' materialize more quickly."

Tania Marien
Freelance Environmental Educator

"I was stuck trying to figure out next steps in my career. Through working with Scott and the Creative on Purpose Community, I broke through the fog and found my path."

Jason Luchtefeld

"Creative on Purpose delivers the promise of better living through endeavors that make a difference. Scott’s coaching and community lead to break-through experiences."

Randi Millard
Co-founder of Business Model Youth

"The Creative on Purpose Community encourages and and inspires me to stay with my vision."

Penny Harris
Renewable Philanthropy

"Scott and his Community help you clarify what you really want, challenge you to take immediate action, and see your hidden qualities"

Maurice Ting
CEO of Durafil Group

"Scott and the Community help me break through obstacles and see things from new angles and different perspectives."

Adela Mei
Director at Indigo Expeditions

"I definitely recommend Scott and his Community for anyone striving to achieve something bigger but is unsure about how to get there."

James Leonard
Head of Public Relations, UC Merced

"The gift of Scott and the Creative on Purpose Community help you identify the smallest thing that you can do and then encourage you to act at the earliest possible juncture."

Nancy Harden
Red Hen Restorations

The Creative on Purpose Community

It's Time to Fly Higher Together

Clarity of Purpose

This program begins with getting crystal clear on your endeavor's vision and mission so that you can establish an effective and efficient goal and strategy for achieving it. Let's define an intention worthy of your time and talents and define the next best steps for getting there!

Action and Accountability

Set weekly intentions and get help designing and deploying a plan to achieve them. Reflect challenges and achievements and decide what's next. Share progress reports and get help with challenges. Learn by doing and leverage the wisdom of a group of fellow travelers.

Feedback Fuels Forward Motion

Meet live three times every month. We share questions, insights, resources, support, and encouragement. We're together in our effort to make progress in our endeavors.

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Lifetime Access to the Mastermind 

Receive lifetime access to the Creative On Purpose Mastermind and Forum. A members-only community that includes three live monthly meetups and a weekly reflection and intention accountability check-in. ($300 value)

Asset #2
The Endeavor Better Course

A self-guided workbook and video course to help you dial in, develop, and deliver your next endeavor. ($50 value)

Asset #3

Complete Collection of Handbooks 

Download Scott's entire collection of handbooks: Endeavor Better, "Isn't that interesting...?" and "The Process." ($20 value)


Quarterly Discount on Coaching Sessions

Four times each year receive a 80% discount on a full 1-hour 1-on-1 Endeavor Better Coaching Session. (Save $400 each quarter)

Creative on Purpose Community Guarantee

Explore the Creative on Purpose Community and attend one live community call during your first 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you'll be refunded every penny, no questions asked, and keep all the assets. That's a promise!

Risk Free? I'm Ready. Let's Go!

Community Disclaimer

The Creative on Purpose Community requires engagement. If you do not aspire to fly higher in an enterprise that makes a difference or seek to advance in work worth your time and effort, this program is not for you!


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