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You're ready to level up in an enterprise that aligns with who you are, leverages what you're good at, and serves those who share your values and need your talents to enhance their lives.

What holds you back? Clarity of purpose? Or maybe it's lack of accountability? Perhaps you just need encouragement and direction? Great news, it's all right here in the Endeavor Better Coaching Program.

Let's Get Where You Want to Go

As a husband, father, teacher, musician, and author, I make plenty of mistakes and experience my fair share of misfortune. What helps me persevere and prosper isn't relying on passion, it's leaning into my purpose.

Identifying my values, talents, and tribe, helps me find my way and stay the course. As a coach in Seth Godin's programs and my own, I help others experience less stress and more thriving in work that matters. I want to help you do the same.

Endeavor Better Coaching Core Principles

I welcome the opportunity to help you develop your potential and deliver your excellence. Let's reframe challenges as opportunities. Together we'll dial in your purpose and initiate an approach to get you where you want to be. You have more to offer and we need you! Let's realize your aspirations and advance your endeavors.


You possess all you need to succeed. Leverage assets to influence results.


Develop your potential and deliver on your promise. Make promises and keep them.


Define a goal, develop a strategy,
identify and take the next best step.

"Scott Perry is a wealth of wisdom. One conversation with him can uplift, empower, and transform your career."

Maya P. Lim
Associate Editor, Design Observer

"I was stuck trying to figure out some next steps in my career. Through working with Scott I broke through the fog and found a path."

Jason Luchtefeld

"Scott, without your support I would not have made the leaps that I’m now experiencing. You embody generosity, truth telling, commitment, and courage. Thank you for being the kind of leader we all need you to be."

Amy Faeskorn
Coach, Writer, & Facilitator

"Scott's thoughtful way of listening combined with deep-thinking questions has left me more focused, productive and goal-centered."

John Mitchell
Fine Art Portrait Photographer

"Scott’s gift is an ability to help you identify the smallest thing that you can do and then encourage you to act at the earliest possible juncture."

Nancy Harden

Endeavor Better Coaching

1-Hour One-On-One Coaching Sessions to Help You Fly Higher in Endeavors that Make a Difference

Purpose Cultivates Passion

Passion is an elusive and finite resource. Purpose is the engine that powers you through the challenges associated with work worth doing.

You Already Possess Everything You Need

How you frame situations and what you choose to do next drive results. Determine what's within your control, what's not, and where you have the greatest influence to achieve the results you seek.

What's Now? What's Next?

Mindset and posture matter. Obstacles and barriers preventing your progress can be turned into opportunities when addressed with integrity and intention.

Endeavor Better Coaching Testimonials

Here's what clients say about working with Scott.


Let's fly higher and make a difference together!

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Receive lifetime access to the Creative On Purpose Difference Maker Community and Forum. A members-only group that includes a monthly live meet-up and weekly reflection and intention accountability check-in. ($120 annual value)

Bonus #3
The Endeavor Better Course

A self-guided workbook and video course to help you dial in your next endeavor. ($50 value)

Bonus #4
Goal Setting & Daily Habits Course

Receive an approach for setting goals and building daily habits for achieving them.

($10 value)

The Endeavor Better Coaching Promise

Complete the coaching assessment and attend your coaching session within 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you'll be refunded every penny, no questions asked, and keep all the bonuses. That's a promise!

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Coaching Disclaimer

Endeavor Better Coaching requires engagement. If you do not aspire to fly higher in an enterprise that makes a difference or seek to advance in work worth your time and effort, this program is not for you! 
If, however, you're ready to step into your "what's next" with integrity and intention, let's go!


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