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The key to viability, sustainability, and progress in an endeavor that matters is not bringing the "right" idea to the "right" place at the "right" time. There's no such thing as a "right" idea, place, or time. There's just "alright" ideas, places, and times for right now.

"Progress is made by working on yourself daily." - Epictetus

Establish a destination. Decide on the next most likely "best" step toward it. Step into that possibility with intention, integrity, curiosity, and courage. Pay attention to what happens next. Rinse and repeat. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

But simple is never easy.

Persevering when the going gets tough is easier when you put yourself on the hook with a small group of fellow travelers. A group committed to developing their potential and delivering on their promise and equally dedicated to helping others do the same.

"Hard work" by itself will not get you where you want to go unless you are really lucky. You also need accountability, feedback, support, and encouragement.

The Creative On Purpose Mastermind is a catalyst for aspiring change agents and advancing change makers. This private online community offers accountability, support, and resources for those ready to fly higher in endeavors that make a difference.

An Invitation

Does that sound like a tribe you'd like to join?

Here are a few of the benefits of membership.

Featured Member Resources

A collection of content to inform and inspire your adventures in flying higher in endeavors that matter!

Goal Setting, Daily Habits, and Accountability

Videos and PDFs to help you endeavor better by establishing better goals and habits.

Three Monthly Live Sessions

  1. Beginning-of-Month Catch Up & Break Out - gather for a quick catch up, then break-out for feedback, support, and encouragement sessions.
  2. Mid-Month Reinforcement - member-led discussion and training to help you to keep flying higher in endeavors that make a difference.
  3. End-of-Month Inspiration - a meeting of the member "book club." 

The video and responses are archived and the discussion continues in the Comments.

The Hive - A Members-Only Accountability Forum

A place to post a weekly reflection and intention statement.

Archived Content

Mastermind members have 24/7 access to archived mini-courses and other online resources including a library of recommended books, videos, blogs, apps, and sites.

Ready to make a ruckus and fly higher in an endeavor that makes a difference?

Let's go! 

Who's Scott Perry?

I’m a husband, father, teacher, and musician. I'm a coach in Seth Godin's online programs and the founder of Creative On Purpose. I'm also the author of Endeavor: Cultivate Excellence While Making a Difference and The Stoic Creative Handbook and your guide in this Mastermind.

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Every Creative On Purpose Coaching program includes free lifetime access to the Mastermind. 

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